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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Set Up Email on My iPhone?

    Learn how to set up your email account on an iPhone.

  • How to Set Up Email in Outlook for Windows

    Learn how to set up your email account in Outlook for Windows.

  • How to Add a New User in WordPress

    Howdy WordPress users! It’s really quite simple to add a new user in WordPress and this article will give you step-by-step instructions so you can do it yourself!

  • How to Reset Your WordPress Password

    Can’t login to your WordPress website? No worries – follow these simple steps to reset your password and get back into your website.

  • How To Reduce Spam Emails

    What’s more annoying than opening your inbox and finding half your email is spam?

  • How to Set up an Email Account in cPanel and Direct Admin

    Learn how to set up new email addresses in your hosting account in cPanel and Direct Admin.

  • How To Update Admin Notifications In Gravity Forms

    In this case, because we’re making a notification for Administrators to view, we’ll call it “Admin Notification.” Next, make sure you’ve selected ‘Enter Email’ for your Send To option because this will ensure that you’ll be notified via email when your form is filled out.

  • How To Set Up a Vacation Message in DirectAdmin

    Learn how to set up a vacation or out of the office message for your email address. This is the first blog in our new support FAQ series.

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