Dong Wolf

Development, Design, Social Media

Whether you’re looking for a feature film, music video, wedding video, or corporate video, no other production company can deliver a more memorable and captivating project.

Dong Wolf Films is a production company founded by Troy-André Harding and Corey Williams. Being film nerds who lived and breathed movies, they were saddened by the absence of cult films. Years later, these childhood friends set out to produce addictive cinema. Today, DWF is arguably the most creative video and film directors in the Caribbean.

Across the globe, DWF has produced everything from television comedy series to wedding films. With all the latest equipment, their production team can handle shots from the air, land or underwater.

If you’re looking to paralyze your viewers with something thought-provoking and different, then you’ve found the right producers. Admittedly, if you’re looking for something ‘regular’, ‘normal’, the old “I’ve-seen-something-like-this already”, then we concede that DWF might not be for you.